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Improving Literacy Skills Creates...

More employment and higher incomes for Islanders
Literacy skills influence the amount of work adults are able to find as well as their wage rates. Individuals with low levels of literacy work fewer weeks and are more likely to experience periods of unemployment and remain unemployed for much longer periods. (International Literacy and Skills Survey—IALSS, 2003)

A stronger Island economy
A 1% increase in literacy skills would create a workforce that is 2.5% more productive. That would increase Canada’s GDP by 1.5% or $18 billion year after year. This return is three times higher than investing in equipment. (Essential Skills Group, 2011)

Better health and well being for Islanders
Literacy is directly related to overall health status and mental health status, and impacts lifestyle practices. (Canadian Journal of Public Health, volume 96, Supplement 2, 2005)

Increased community and family engagement
Strong literacy skills build self-confidence, enables discussions and actions that affect the welfare of individuals and their community. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Skills Outlook, Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, 2013)

Less crime and safer communities
Improving the literacy of young people could have a significant impact on rates of adult crime. 75% of adults in prison were persistent offenders in their youth. Literacy training gives young people at risk of delinquency the skills they need to find and keep jobs and escape poverty. (Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police—CACP, 2013)

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My name is Terry Affleck and I learned to read at the age of 63 and today at 65 I am enrolled at Holland College to prepare for my GED. More...

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