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Health Literacy and Adult Learners - 2007

Phase I - Health Literacy Research Project
This research project was phase I of a three-phase project. This phase looked at the needs of adult learners when accessing health information. Phase II looked at the needs of health professionals when communicating health information.  The last phase looked at the needs of seniors when accessing health information.
Phase II - Health Professionals
Phase III - Seniors
The goals of Phase I were:
  • to define the health information needs of adult learners
  • to create a list of suggestions from adult learners on how to improve the communication of health information

We held 4 focus groups across the Island. We talked to a total of 24 people.

We asked participants 3 key questions:

  1. When you need health information where do you go to get it and why?
  2. What has been your experience getting health information?
  3. How could health information be easier for you to get and use?

Summary of findings:
Participants named doctors and pharmacists as their first sources for health information.
Participants told us these issues influence their ability to get, understand and use health

  1. Time available - how much time they had with a health professional
  2. How the information was presented - what form or medium it was in
  3. Language used - the complexity of the language used
  4. Support offered - how much support was offered to help understand and act on health information provided
  5. Accessibility of information - how easy or hard it was to get the health information

Here are the full research findings Research Report - Phase I.

This project was funded by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre, and the PGI Golf Tournament for Literacy.
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