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Sharing Our Gifts:
Build skills together & create a family scrapbook

Summary of project

Sharing Our Gifts is a 28-month project that began in September of 2009. The goal of the project is to encourage families to do fun literacy activities.

We created a guide for parents that uses a scrapbooking approach. The guide teaches families about the nine Essential Skills and how to identify their strengths, set goals and make plans for family activities. Families are encouraged to collect artifacts (evidence) of the activities they do together and to put them into a family scrapbook.

Resources Created



Background of project

In March 2009, the Alliance submitted a proposal to The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills to carry out the "Sharing Our Gifts: Family Literacy Portfolio Tool?" project.

The project objectives include:

  • To enhance partnerships with Family Resource Centres
  • To create an easy-to-use Family Literacy Portfolio that empowers parents to capitalize on and enhance literacy and essential skills within their own families.
  • To make the Family Literacy Portfolio Tool and Facilitator's Guide easily accessible to adult educators and family resource centre staff across the country.
  • To evaluate the outcomes and impacts of the project to determine if the process of developing a Family Portfolio Tool and Facilitator's Guide was effective.

To achieve these objectives, the Alliance is adapting The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills Portfolio tool to be used in a family context.

The work includes six phases:

  1. developing partnerships and an Advisory Committee
  2. adapting The Office of Literacy and Essential Skills
    portfolio tool into a family literacy tool
  3. testing and revising the family literacy portfolio tool
  4. piloting and revising the family literacy portfolio tool
  5. developing and testing a facilitators guide
  6. publishing, publicizing, and distributing the tools

The project started in September 2009 and will finish in December 2011. To assess the effectiveness of the project, a formal evaluation is being carried out by an external consultant.

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