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WORKABILITY! Essential Skills in the Workplace

What's in it for you?

WorkAbility! is a campaign to promote improving the Essential Skills of workers in PEI.

Increasing the Essentials Skills of employees can help improve safety, productivity and performance of your business.

Do you want to…

      • Increase employee productivity?
      • Improve work team morale?
      • Reduce workplace accidents?
      • Introduce new systems or equipment?
      • Hire the right people?
      • Promote and support top employees?

Contact us and we'll show you how to get started on improving your business.

What are the Essential Skills?

Benefits of Investing in Essential Skills

How to Hire the Right Person
A video presentation in five short parts designed to help you hire the right person for the job.

Learn more about Essential Skills in the Workplace on PEI

PEI Who's Who in Essential Skills

This document features 5 case studies and a 10-step guide to building essential skills in your workplace.
Working With Others Continuous Learning Computer Use Oral Communication Thinking Numeracy Document Use Writing Reading
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Success Stories

My name is Terry Affleck and I learned to read at the age of 63 and today at 65 I am enrolled at Holland College to prepare for my GED. More...

The PEI Literacy Alliance appreciates your support.
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