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Oral Communication

Oral communication is the ability to use speech to share thoughts and information. Strong oral communication skills are essential to being able to present your ideas clearly in a variety of situations such as: explaining procedures to a co-worker; giving directions to a friend; or dealing with customer service to discuss a problem with your phone bill. 

Benefits of investing in essential skills of your employees.
Finding and keeping workers with the knowledge and skills to get the job done is critical in today’s workplace. Without the right skills, your workplace may suffer. Are you experiencing challenges in your workplace? An investment in the Essential Skills might be the right solution for your business.

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We'll help you learn more about improving the essential skills of your employees.

Tools for employers:
This document features 5 case studies and a 10-step guide to building essential skills in your workplace.

ESDC has many other tools you may find helpful.

Tools for employees:

Complete this self test to help you understand your Oral Communication strengths and areas for improvement. 

This tool provides practical tips to help you improve your Oral Communication skills.

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